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Personal Trainer Business Plan

Personal Trainer Business Plan - Institute of Personal Trainers Personal Trainer Business Plan - Institute of Personal Trainers
Eberything you need to know about writing a personal trainer business plan. Includes plan template and step by step instruction for filling it out.

Personal Trainer Business Plan

Usually customers get some kind of certain image of the product or service atthe first sight. Market of operationswe are going to operate mainly in the finnish market nationally, catering to the fitness needsof individuals residing in finland, however keeping the international market at our scope forthe future, since as we expand in finland and if we have the desire for further growth, wehave to tap into other markets outside finland, closest being other nordic countries. We cansee what our customers responses are from their feedbacks.

Political (and legal) forces, economic forces, socio-cultural forces, and technologicalforces, these we are going to cover in the following. The website logos and graphics share the same artwork found on our signage and marketing materials. Our online personal training service is highly differentiated in the fitness market.

Size (mm) price () 22 11 page 260 x 370 2 750,00 12 page, horizontal 260 x 183 1 500,00 12 page, vertical 128 x 370 1 500,00 13 page, vertical 84 x 370 1 150,00 13 page, horizontal 260 x 123 1 150,00 14 page 128 x 183 875,00 back cover 260 x 370 3 250,00 front page 260 x 265 3 250,00 spread out 540 x 370 4 750,00 from these options we have chosen to take14 page size 128 x 183 - price 875,006. By introducing online and audio personal training we not onlydifferentiate the product, but also offer something completely new. In order to keep the customer, we willmake it exciting and have a good relationship with our customers.

The online program which is appropriate for the customer is down-loaded from the web-site. We havedivided the sales budget to online personal training and face-to-face personal training depart-ments. The four ps stand for product - atangible object or an intangible service that is mass produced or manufactured on a large scalewith a specific volume of units.

The gyms that are going to serve as training facilities facili-tated by unique training are motivus, with locations in töölö, kamppi shopping center,kamppi metro station, and stockman in the center of helsinki. Marketing expenses and initial accounting software will also be purchased with these funds. Tns metrixwhich keeps records of the visitors of web-pages has made a survey on week 4107 thatshows that there are 91215 users and 242546 visitors per week on pakkotoisto.

Accounting - secretary is going to do the basic double-entry but accounting is going to beoutsourced. It also indicatesthe amounts used in each promotion channel. Buffup lake oswego is affiliated with buffup inc. Functional flow chart for face-to-face personal training ordering process customer parts involved leaves customer no 1st contact customer with 2 yes places an customer order scheduling customer fills the program customer has 1 the with training questionnaire customer session visible personal trainer consultations with customer customer has testing training at customers gym with physical partner gym personal condition trainer invisible personal personal trainer trainer creates the training program time 2-4 days 60 minutes 2-4 days 90 minutes 3-5 days 60 minutes 1 arranging the meeting with the customer might take from 2-4 days (finding appropriate schedule). The evaluation process is conducted by creating a competitor analysis grip.

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23 May 2009 ... Unique Training Business Plan Muhammad Heza Dvalishvili Shalva ... Personal Training Summary HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied ...

Personal Trainer Business Plan

Personal Fitness Business Plan |
Use this personal fitness business plan as your template to create the best personal fitness facility in town that's also a thriving, profitable business! This personal ...
Personal Trainer Business Plan It will have some audio samples for our custom-ers to try on our website. Unique training thrives on being unique as the name implies, but also being pro- fessional and satisfying the ever-growing need of our customers, with growth plans in mind nationally and internationally. It will also do the work by itself withoutany bigger effort and it is not taking a large part of our advertising budget. The software then prepares the training programaccording to the filled out questionnaire. Our biggest promotional tool besides word of mouth comes from our website. Personal training as product mainly belongs to the lux-urious product group and even a slice economical downfall could result in customers changeto the substitutes. This allows us to have costleadership over competitors. Themember who is in charge of the web maintenance will be jose dominguez del villar.
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    All scheduling will be automated for fast and efficient communication with our members. Functional flow chart for online personal training ordering process cross functional flow chart online training ordering process the customer customer is not happy customer customer receives the with the product and has customer receives downloads leaves refund 14 days to return the an email that their the training customer product training program is program starts training customer ready to be from our downloaded customer customer website customer no decides to fills out the visits our web yes order the ready made site online questionaire training program computer computer software chooses software the right training virtual process process the programs for that guestionaire particular customer 2 3 hours 10 minutes 10 minutes 1-3 minutes leadtime 3-4 hours decision symbol indicates that the customer has to make a decision if they want to order the online personal training product or not delay symbol indicates that there might be a delay before the cutomer is available to download the online training product they prefer. We do not manufacture any product therefore there is no need for actual supply chainmanagement. As stated above, our minimum required population within 5 miles should be 50,000 people. Innovative & unique - online personal training (video and audio) competitive price because of limited overheadsweaknesses 6 accreditation our trainers are accredited through certification programs that are na- tionally unknown.

    Market trendssince we are going to operate in two mediums, the first being personal contact with the cus-tomer which makes it national, mainly operating in the capital region. Unique training is also using idealfit gyms with locations in eira, hakaniemi, and ku-losaari. When the software has the training program readythen the customer will receive an email which notifies that the ordered training program is 31 ready to be downloaded. Swiss ball 10. The personal trainer and customer will make a programtimetable andthey will be meeting each other according to it.

    Unique training owns two cars which are going to beavailable for the trainers to transport to the training sessions with the customers. Next we define every stepof the four ps based on our business plan and describe the methods that are going to be useto achieve the desire goal of having a high quality productservice. Social bonds fostered by group workouts our exercise programs are building personal bonds and friendships. Two carsshould be enough, but if the company gets many more customers that all three trainers haveto go to training sessions at the same time, then the company will buy another car. Buffup lake oswego will leverage its alliance with buffup inc. All potential employees will be required to hold that certificate. The first step is the contact between the customer and a rep-resentative of unique training through the internet or phone and shows interest on our freeconsultation, after this an appointment is schedule. I got vary good job in fitness industry call stay fit company,i am for telecom background company,plz guide me how to plan business in fitness industry for profit. The cost-plus pricing is the right method forus because as a new company in a growing market there is not a lot of information. They are meeting the customers according to the time table they have created togetherwith the customer.

    Are you about starting a personal training business? If YES, here is a complete sample personal training business plan template & FREE feasibility report.

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    The first meetingworks as a consultation where the personal trainer and the client will get together to knoweach other and see if this service is right for them. Buffup lake oswego will build and provide the only fitness facility truly dedicated to solving the fitness needs of our customers. But organizations like kuntokompassi, unique fitness, andelite trainers are basically concentrated on making unique training programs for individualcustomers or groups, and providing personal trainers guiding and motivating the customersthrough the stages of those programs. On the following page is a sample description of one trainers week schedule, which consistson the following elementspreparation of the training Buy now Personal Trainer Business Plan

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    Unique training team has also thought about hiring certified per-sonal trainers to also do the job as one trainer can only handle a limited amount of customersat a time. Every saturday, buffup lake oswego will meet at a park and invite all current members to bring friends and family to participate in a workout. It has become a viral marketing phenomenon, and members are sharing this excitement with new people every day. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Depending of the nature of service it varies how the procedure proceeds.

    The american college of sports medicine(acsm) in their worldwide survey for fitness trends 1. Our company is going to ahave web-site where we are available for our customers 247 Personal Trainer Business Plan Buy now

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    For instance, students cantafford the personal training because of the expensive price. We will constantly improve our teaching methods through continual participation in certification courses in all aspects of fitness training and nutrition. People buy our services because we capitalize on every flaw a global gym has to offer. As we offer two services at unique training we should also have to use more than one pricingstrategy, one for the online personal training and one for the fate-to-face personal training. The first meetingworks as a consultation where the personal trainer and the client will get together to knoweach other and see if this service is right for them.

    Our program is provides all of the elements necessary for participants to achieve their fitness goals Buy Personal Trainer Business Plan at a discount

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    Tns metrixwhich keeps records of the visitors of web-pages has made a survey on week 4107 thatshows that there are 91215 users and 242546 visitors per week on pakkotoisto. Each workout will be varied in intensity and in the techniques used. Each company (our main direct competitors) is given a score on each success factor the scale ranges from 1 (very poor) to 5 (very good) the results will be used for identifying possible competitive strategies in importance to customer box we apply our vision of which success factors are the most important ones from customer point of view (scaling from 1 (most impor- tant) to 10 (least important)). Both ownerspresidents hold this minimum requirement, and our management team will be fully certified within the next six months Buy Online Personal Trainer Business Plan

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    So assuming our market-ing objectives are reached, first month of the year should bring good amount of customers indue to intensive marketing but more so because january is a time known for new years resolu-tions etc, so people make promises about getting in shape for the summer, from experiencewe have found that the membership rates in health centers, gyms etc. Based on the trainees performance at the contact session the train-er makes the adjustments in to the programs in order to achieve best possible outcome of thetraining. Buffup lake oswego must have a level 1 buffup certification to train all members. Personal trainers typically design exercise routines and teach physical exercises to theirclients Buy Personal Trainer Business Plan Online at a discount

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    Training facilities - gymsas a personal training company unique training is going to send customers to the customerstraining facilities, but also have the option of providing the customer with training facilities allover helsinki with no extra cost. Since our sales budget is based on a cost-plus pricing strate-gy, it doesnt take the actual demand into consideration since we dont have information aboutit, our product being so unique and new to the finnish market, but we have done our esti-mates being fairly conservative and still we have a margin of safety of 45283 or 21,78 , soour estimates can be wrong by that much and we still wouldnt make any losses and all of ourexpenses would be covered, which is why we feel very positive about the outlook based onpotential and forecast calculations Personal Trainer Business Plan For Sale

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    The first step is the contact between the customer and a rep-resentative of unique training through the internet or phone and shows interest on our freeconsultation, after this an appointment is schedule. Our gym doesnt use expensive, useless machines that isolate each muscle, thereby creating uneven muscle balance. Guests will fill out a contact card and will be followed up on at a later date with invites to come down to our facility and a link to our website where they can find videos and blogs that support our fitness community. Another one is elixia, withlocations in the city center, ruoholahti, tali, itä-keskus, matinkylä in espoo, and sello also inespoo. These bonds have led to an internet-based fitness community covering more than 720 facilities For Sale Personal Trainer Business Plan

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    It also indicatesthe amounts used in each promotion channel. At the end of the registration, theywould complete the process by paying the fee online (bank card, credit card, bank transfer &paypal). We can target them with our english version trainingprogram in order to enlarge our customer range. Objectivesthe initial objectives for unique training are as follows to raise seed capital for start-up, which is approximately 60000 to ensure the proper execution of our plans for our first year of operations to have 1000 online personal training subscribers by the end of year one through in- ternet marketing 1 to have at least 10 customers for each of our active face-to-face personal trainers by year one acquire the awareness of potential customers of our company and attaining credibility from our first 1000 customers Sale Personal Trainer Business Plan





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